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  • Caleb_Elling
    Hey thirdie2002,
    I've used the Soundscape with my SL already, and it's worked nicely. Of course, the A/B comparison wasn't as drastic as I've seen with a regular undersaddle, but there were still some noticeable improvements. Basically, the Soundscape evened out some of the odd mic quirks that I would usually EQ out.

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  • thirdie2002
    started a topic LR Baggs Soundscape

    LR Baggs Soundscape

    Would Soundscape work with the Anthem? Because from my knowledge of IR technology it does not play well with dual source pickups like the mic in the anthem unless you have the full anthem and dial it all the way pickup. Do you have to have a single source pickup like an under saddle or sound board transducer?