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Anthem like system for violin?

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  • Anthem like system for violin?

    Since I have the Anthem in my guitar Id like to know if there are any plans at LRBaggs to come up with an Anthem like system for the violin/fiddle? I know it will be more difficult because there is not much space at, or worse, in the violin to install something like the Anthem.

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    Hi Plugin,

    There are no plans to apply the Anthem or Tru-Mic technology to the violin. Space is limited and weight is certainly a factor. I'll pass it on to our R&D team, though.


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      A big problem would be reaching inside the violin to secure things, and to install/change the battery. There's no hole in my fiddle through which a 9v battery could even pass!


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        It certainly has to be an outboard preamp. As the preamp for the stage pro already exists, shouldnt be a problem to design it as an outboard floor /belt clip preamp. The Mixpro is a preamp that gives the opportunity to connect a pu and mic, but.. What I find frustrating in comparison to what has been developed for the acoustic guitar, the transducer, pu,mic technology for the violin is, where it was 10-15 years ago, especially when it comes to dual systems. Instead the sound went the digital way and gets modelled and created through an image, not a bad idea, but the sound coming out is artificial and synthetic, which you hear!! And again that technology is foremost created for the acoustic guitar. Of course it is much more delicate to bring the sound of a fiddle across, because of the limited space and the restrictions at and with the instrument. I dont want anybody to drill a big hole in my violin either. Second is the limited market. There is no big money to be made with a few fiddlers/ violinists who play amplified.