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T-bridge blended passive with filtertrons

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  • T-bridge blended passive with filtertrons

    Speaking on a stock Gretsch 5422t with blacktop filtertrons. considering a mod to involve the T-bridge primarily to avoid the need to switch guitars mid-set, but blending would be really nice if practical. My idea to minimize the aesthetic impact would be to install a second tone-switch (like a country-gentleman) which would flip between magnetic, piezo, and a blend of the two, and then put a volume pot for the piezo on the lifted pick-guard (like an old jazz-box... think D'angelico/Guild with a floating pickup). My questions would be whether or not a preamp is necessary to have the signal compete with the filtertrons, and if so, what value potentiometer to use. Also, if a preamp is absolutely necessary, where I should mount it?

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    Before we get too deep in the process of wiring your 5422 up, check the post spacing to make sure the T-Bridge fits. Also, if the bridge does fit, you will need some kind of a pre-amp on the guitar to blend the two systems together.
    Here is a link to our install guide with all the specs you'll need.
    Best of luck to you my friend.