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Lyric Microphone Dimensions/Size Question for Breedlove w/ JLD Bridge Truss

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  • Lyric Microphone Dimensions/Size Question for Breedlove w/ JLD Bridge Truss

    I am interested in purchasing the Lyric and installing it in a 2004 Breedlove SJ (jumbo) that has the JLD bridge truss system. I have previously read on this forum where one of the admins has installed the Lyric just on the soundhole side of the bridge truss, but after looking inside my guitar with a mirror, I'm not sure if there is enough room between the bridge truss and the x-bracing in front of it.

    So with that said, how wide is the Lyric microphone? I am going to measure the space available, but I understand that the Lyric doesn't need to touch either the bridge truss or the braces.

    If there is not enough room for the Lyric in that space, are there any other recommended locations to try?

    Also, does the Lyric need to be completely parallel relative to the bridge, or can it be at a slight diagonal angle? Will I get uneven response if it is at a slight diagonal angle?

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    Hey Matt,
    The Tru-Mic (Lyric and Anthem) is 1/2" wide, 3/4" at the middle (widest point), and 2-1/4" long.

    If there's not enough room in front of the truss, you can definitely try moving the mic to the side or the back of the truss. The mic doesn't have to stay parallel with the bridge, so it's orientation doesn't matter. You might just need to try a couple of positions if it doesn't fit in the first one.

    I hope that helps!


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      One additional question...

      Thanks. I will definitely get it installed by an authorized dealer so that I can take advantage of the warranty and see what they say. I'm just doing a little homework before hand.

      Also, one more question, how many adhesive pads comes w/ the Lyric? If I have to try multiple locations, I might need a new pad every time so that I don't risk the mic falling off.


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        The Lyric comes with two full sets. If you need to try multiple placements, you can usually use the first to try a few. Then you can use the second set to get the best hold after you determine the best placement.

        If you use up both sets, we can always get you an additional set if it's ever necessary.