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Adjusting Lyric in Larrivee L-03

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  • Adjusting Lyric in Larrivee L-03

    I just installed a Baggs Lyric in my silver oak Larrivee L-03. With the microphone in the standard position on the bridge plate right under the saddle, the output was really bright, even with the presence control backed all the way off. I moved the microphone to the other side of the bridge pins, centered on the bridge plate and things improved somewhat. I still had to back off the presence control all the way and cut some highs at the board to get a usable signal.

    Is there another position I could try to get a more balanced tone? Would moving the microphone more to the bass side of the bridge plate help? There weren't a lot of extra adhesive strips in the package and I don't want to run out of them before I have this solved. (Hoping to use the guitar at church this weekend.)

    Also, I was surprised that the unit (still sealed in the original box) came without any instructions enclosed. I'm glad they were available online.

    By the way, below is a link to a direct-to-the board recording of what I've been able to accomplish so far (highs cut and with a touch of reverb).

    Guidance or suggestions please?
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    Moving the mic right along the treble side x-brace worked very well, but my last set of adhesive strips is pretty weak.

    Here's a recording with the board set flat and the presence control in about the middle:


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      Hey Al,
      I got your email. The extra adhesives are on their way.

      Let me know if you need anything else.


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        Thanks, Caleb!

        And for the possible benefit of others, I tried the Lyric in a few places on my L-03 and settled on the alternative position with the microphone on the bridge plate angled right alongside the treble-side X-Brace. The brightness and boxiness are under control. Here's a sample, recorded direct to the board with a little reverb but no EQ: