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Ribbon Transducer with Anthem

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  • Ribbon Transducer with Anthem

    I've had a RT system in my Taylor for 15 years. When it began having a grounding issue decided to go the the Anthem. I chose to leave the Ribbon and not install the element. It sounds great but doesn't have enough gain. Is that because of the using the ribbon?

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    The Anthem system in general has a lower output level compared to some other pickups- active undersaddles especially. It should still have enough output to run into most professional amps or PA's without any issues though.

    Unless you are having trouble getting the mic and pickup balanced against each other, then the Ribbon's output should be ok.


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      Would there be any benefit to using the element instead of the RT?


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        The Anthem was designed specifically around the Element, so that would be the primary benefit.

        Although the Element was designed off of the Ribbon Transducer concept, the Element is better protected against hum and other issues that may occur over long time use.

        Tonally, the difference is pretty subjective. Some people prefer the Element, and others like the RT. I had an RT in my (Yamaha) guitar for several years before I swapped it out for the Anthem. I definitely prefer the stock Anthem to the original system, but that is probably more due to the Anthem's mic more than anything else.

        For what it's worth, I hope that helps.