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M80 Changing Battery on stage during performance

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  • M80 Changing Battery on stage during performance

    So battery went dead during performance of song I wrote during the solo.
    How can I change the battery quickly with all strings still in tune and not warp the sound hole ?
    Can I loosen the Phillips head screws that hold the pick up on the guitar and flip it over
    Or do I have to loosen all strings and strain to finger the thing out and hope the new one slips into place correctly ?
    (looking at an impatient audience)

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    Hello Rolo,
    The ease of changing the battery largely has to do with the size of the sound hole. If you have a sound hole smaller than 4", you may need to loosen the strings to get the pickup out. If you have a standard 4" sound hole or larger, then you can usually remove the pickup and get access to the battery without de-tuning the strings. It takes a bit of dexterity, but it's not too hard.

    The M80 does have the advantage over a lot of other pickup because of it's battery check LED's. If you check the battery indicator on a fairly regular basis, you shouldn't ever have to worry about having to change the battery mid-performance again.