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Troubles with Element

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  • Troubles with Element

    Hi there, looking for some help with my Element system. When playing plugged-in the amp kicks back a lot of noise(thumping crackling). Changed different patch cords, battery, taped up the bridge wire in case it was moving around inside.
    Seems like it is picking up static when the line is touched it sends a thump through the amp or pa. It has no insolation on the wire coming from the bridge?!?!?!?

    Any ideas?


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    Hi Timothy, I am sorry you are having some issues with your Element. If you were to feel around on the inside of the guitar, could you feel any wire clips holing the wires in place? Also, which line are you speaking of, the guitar cable, or is it something internal?


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      Got it!

      I check the wires like you asked all good. Found that the wire from the pick-up going into the Element (2.5 mono plug) controller wasn't soldered in the centre so it was just sitting against the metal. As well the second wire was soldered by the crimp but wasn't soldered or permanently attached to the base of the plug.
      Hopefully that's clear. Basically both wires coming from the bridge were not solidly connected to the mono 2.5mm male insert.
      Thanks for you help I appreciate it.


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        OK, I am glad you got everything figured out. Were you able to get it taken care of?


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          Works like a charm.

          Originally posted by MorganEliot View Post
          OK, I am glad you got everything figured out. Were you able to get it taken care of?
          Yes thank you. Took a bit of soldering but all mixed up.