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Disappointed. Anthem SL sounds awful. What did I do wrong?

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  • Disappointed. Anthem SL sounds awful. What did I do wrong?

    So I installed the Anthem SL system on a Breedlove American Series guitar that was formerly fit with an L.R. Baggs Element (from the factory). So all I had to do was place the mic, stick the control module, and run the wires. Easy enough.

    But it sounds, well, like poo. Really tinny shiny poo. It was impossible to EQ and get a good sound out of. Lacks any warmth and most mids. Sounds like I turned the bass all the way down and treble all the way up. And then hit 'loudness.' I KNOW I must've done something wrong. The only things I can imagine are:

    1) Mic location. There's some STUFF (for lack of a more appropriate term) directly under the bridge on these Breedlove guitars. So the mic isn't directly under the bridge (it's pinless), it's maybe an inch south of the bridge
    2) Transducer orientation. I don't know whether I put the transducer in black-dot-up. I'll check that in the AM. Wonder if it's causing phasing issues.
    3) All the 'extra' transducer. So the transducer element is much 'longer' than the saddle slot. Is the extra length somehow causing me problems?

    What I've thought of/tried:
    1) Bad mic/transducer balance. Cranking the mic up makes the problem much worse, but turning it ALL THE WAY DOWN doesn't fix it. Still tinny and shrill. Then, adding any amount of mic makes it infinitely worse. Sounds nothing like my guitar does acoustically.

    Don't know where else to look and I'd appreciate any help. But, to be clear, it doesn't sound a little off or kind of funny; something is wrong. It sounds terrible. And I know it oughtn't.

    HELP! Thanks!

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    Hello camsna,
    I just responded to your e-mail. I hope we can get this figured out and solved as quickly as possible.