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Low E about 10db louder then the other five strings.... (Anthem)

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  • MorganEliot
    Hi Whatstherfor,
    I am sorry that you are having imbalance issues with the under-saddle pickup. Imbalance issues are fairly common when it comes to under-saddle pickups. This is due to u-even contact between the saddle, the p/u and the floor of the saddle slot. The fit of the saddle is imperative to getting a decent balance. You will want to make sure that there are no shims, the bottom of the saddle is perfectly flat, that the element itself is flat and that the saddle is not too loose in the slot.

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  • Low E about 10db louder then the other five strings.... (Anthem)

    I just installed the full Anthem system. Sounds great except the low E string is about 10db louder then all the other strings. It seems to be more pronounced when rolled over to the element and I know the element still cares the low-end even when the mix is rolled over completely to the mic. Any suggestions for trouble shooting and solving the problem?