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Align Series Session with other instruments

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  • Align Series Session with other instruments

    If anyone tried Align Series Session with anything other than guitar? I need some warm light saturation for my electric violin, and I'm wondering if I shall go dor this one or to consider tube solutions (like EHX Black Finger or so). My violin's pickups is also L.R. baggs, and I play through Venue D.I., where I have quite a lot of pedals in chain, from Whammy, Wah, Tubescreamer to a few modulation pedals and delay - reverb.

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    The Align pedals generally work very well with a wide variety of instruments. Unfortunately, the saturation on the Session is one of the few things that is more specifically tuned for acoustic guitars, and it doesn't compliment other instruments nearly as well. The few times I've heard Violinists try it out, the comp-EQ worked well but the saturation wasn't very usable.


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      what's wrong with the guitar? cannot get the harmony?!!
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