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Anthem output without microphone, is it possible ?

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  • Anthem output without microphone, is it possible ?


    I have an Anthem SL Classical installed on my spanish guitar and it's ok, even if I aspected a little better sound, it's all in all ok.

    My question is: if I take to minimum the microphone mix will it be only the "Element" piezo working ?
    I have a Tonedexter - you probably know it - and I am wondering if using it with the Anthem SL will work ok. As it has a microphone its not the best way to connect to the Tonedexter but I want to know if I take away all the mike signal it will work only as the Element. Would it be ok ?
    In some giggs I want to use the tonedexter but i only have the Anthem on my guitar ...

    Thank you

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    Hey gae247,
    In the Anthem SL, the Element pickup only carries the bass frequencies (250Hz and below). So turning the mic off will give you "Element only", but that sound will not be usable by itself. The standard or "full" Anthem has the ability to use the full-range Element, but the SL is simplified and preset to have the crossover sound at all times.

    What is it about the sound of the SL that you are no happy with?