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Signal of piezo in Godin LGX-SA is too low

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  • Signal of piezo in Godin LGX-SA is too low

    Hi, recently I bought a used 1998 Godin LGX-SA with L.R. Baggs piezo system, but the acoustic sound is too low compared to the magnetics pickups. I want to know if this is normal or maybe is a problem in the preamp (battery is new). I looked in the circuit for a trim pot to adjust the volume but I didn't found one. If there any modification or solution to fix this let me know. I know some electronics so I can do it by myself. Thanks.

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    Hey albaez,
    Thanks for posting.

    I will have to dig up some old information and see what I can find out about this. I will let you know when I can find something.