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  • Bluegrass

    Hello, Just ordered the lyric for my guitar & our mandolin player already has the radius. We are attempting to all get plugged in without getting ran off the stage because we sound electrified. None of us in the band are sound guys but we know that we are getting our sound destroyed when we try to gig out by feedback & our monitors getting turned off due to feedback. We need recommendation for a lr baggs pickup for the banjo. I'm trying to figure out where to go from here, do we all need a venue or session or just test out the pickups through traditional pa? I wondered what the difference between the venue & session as far as a Bluegrass setting? Maybe everyone in the band with a venue or session would solve our answers to great amplified bluegrass, but it could just complicate it to the point where it wouldn't help with wires running everywhere. In a nutshell, just basically need to to know what pickup to get for the banjo & then where to go as a band in regards to which di (if any) to go towards. Thanks

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    Hi Moody,

    I highly suggest using some kind of pre-amp or DI for you guys.

    The Session and the Venue DI both have amazing pre-amps, a phase switch and notch control to help reduce the potential for feedback. The Comp EQ and Saturation on the Session would work really well for smoothing over and enhancing your overall tone, but it sounds like you may need more than that for your specific situation.

    I think the most effective pre-amp/DI for your situation would be the Venue. The on-board EQ shaping can really help you guys dial in your individual tone. This will help you keep a more consistent sound from gig to gig as well as help reduce the chances of a sound tech killing your tone. The built in boost switch will work really well for any soloing you would need to cut through the mix.

    As for the Banjo P/U, we do make one that can be ordered as a custom part through any of our dealers. The pick-up sounds great and is highly feedback resistant, but for now it does not come with a jack.

    If you have any other questions about the Banjo P/U, you can email me at [email protected]