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Lyric + iBeam is awesome!

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  • Lyric + iBeam is awesome!

    Thought I'd post here in case this idea might solve other people's amplification problems/dreams.
    I've been using the Lyric in conjunction with an active iBeam in my guitar for a few months now and have been loving it.
    I run them into two separate channels of my Bose T1 mixer and basically bias the bass and low midrange to the iBeam and let the lyric handle everything else.
    The combination is surprisingly feedback resistant even playing at high volumes with FOH speakers close onstage etc.

    Here's a video of me using this setup at a festival recently:
    Playing Leo Kottke's brilliant arrangement of Little Martha at Jericho Street Fair 2015. Thanks to Nick Watts for the

    I think for a no soundcheck just get up and play sound its pretty awesome


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    Hey Rory,
    That's fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

    The feedback resistance of the iBeam would be my only concern for that setup, and it doesn't seem to be an issue for you at all (except when you use it to your advantage). The low-end response that you are getting is very well balanced too.

    Overall, a great sound and great playing!



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      iBeam + M1a

      Hi Caleb, A while back you sorted out my M1A & since then I've been very happy & keep telling everyone what a great company Baggs is! .

      My question is I've seen an iBeam for sale cheap on the bay & wondered if it's possible to combine both pickups on my Martin?

      I might just buy it anyway just to see if I like/prefer the sound?

      Any suggestions welcome!
      I Started out with nothing & I still have most of it left. (Seasick Steve)


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        Combining a second source with the M1A can be done, but it is difficult. Essentially, you need a 4-conductor (TRSS) jack. That way the M1A can have it's signal, switching, and ground contacts, and the second source can have a signal (on the ring), shared switching (if necessary), and shared ground.

        The M1A comes with a TRS jack, so it will not be directly compatible with a second source- active or passive.