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Question about output of Element in 000-15

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  • Question about output of Element in 000-15

    I currently have a Martin 000-15 that I love but I have some questions about the pickups I have put in it. I had a M1A but the output seemed low so I bought an Element with volume and tone control. Once again the output seems low compared to the Taylor ES2 system. I have used both with a TC Helicon Play Acoustic and I have to do about a +12db increase between the Taylor and the Martin. (The Element being the quieter pickup.) I was just wondering if this was normal? About the same volume increase is required when I run through a direct box into a mixer. Would something like the ParaDI help me out here? I would also like to be able to adjust the treble side of things a little bit more. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I really want to love my Martin because it was a special gift and I have had it for a long time. The only thing holding me back is the pickup. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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    Hi imsharris,
    It's odd to me that the Element and the M1A are so much lower in output compared to the Taylor. However, different guitars respond to different pickups in a pretty wide variety of ways due to a large number of factors. So it's very difficult to accurately compare an undersaddle pickup to a magnetic pickup to a body/saddle hybrid pickup like the ES2.

    Have you bypassed the TC Helicon and played the guitars direct into an amp or PA? It shouldn't be any different (in theory), but it might be worth a try.

    The Para DI would definitely give you additional control over your levels and EQ between the two guitars. If the output levels are that different from one guitar to the next, then you would still likely need to adjust the input gain on the Para DI when you switch guitars.


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      There are the same volume differences when you run it directly into the PA. I need to boost the gain of the LR Baggs plus I would to smooth out the tone between the lower and higher strings. The lower strings sound good while the uppers sound a little brittle and harsh.


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        The Para DI would definitely help.

        This may be off subject, but how is the string balance on the Element? You mentioned that the tone was harsh on the upper strings, but are the strings level in output from one to the next?