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  • Radius Electric sounding

    I play bluegrass, I just installed the lyric in my guitar with great response from the audience abou tone, clarity, & naural sounding. My buddy has the radius & we aren't having any luck "yet". He has the contact mic right behind the bridge & under the stings but he's getting a very loud, sensative, extremely electrified sound. Any suggestions? Need to make it sound a little less sensative & definitely not electric sounding. Any suggestions? We have it ran through a pre amp & have a sound guy so we are trying but no luck yet. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Hi Moody,
    Do you know how the pickup is oriented in relationship to the bridge? Is is parallel with the bridge, or the strings?

    The picture below shows the two most common (working) pickup placements for carved-top mandolins. I would try one or both of them and see how that sounds through a good preamp into a PA.