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Got my new imix

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  • Got my new imix

    Got my new imix installed and have played it in a couple of gigs now. In a word: awesome! Absolutely beautiful body of tone with clarity! Very natural sounding. I used to use just the ibeam. With the imix, i now have bass i am surprised how well the 2 systems work well together. I run the imix into a venue di, eq kept flat, 1/4" out to my vox aga70 and the xlr to the house (or board). I normally just cut the mids a bit from both the amp and house. Loving the headroom. Thanks LR Baggs My electric will stay in the closet for a while he he he

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    Forgot to say, my imix is the ibeam/element combo


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      Hi Loren,

      I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the iMIX. The Element/iBeam combo is actually the stock configuration available with that system.

      Your original iBeam lacking bass raises a red flag. Was it the passive iBeam? If so, were you connecting it to a high impedance input buffering preamp circuit prior to the amp or PA?

      If it was the iBeam Active System(iBAS), it may be worth investigating the possibility that your iBeam has an issue with its contact surface. A handful of them made a while back had a lack of bass response.

      Please let me know if you'd like to have it tested.


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        Hi Bryan,

        Hmmm. Thinking about it now, i guess i got carried away. Playing with so many different speakers, through a house system, being full range,the ibeam's bass is great. Through an amp, well i havent really found an acoustic amp that i have liked. I am subjective on this as i enjoy playing acoustic through the house system So i will say, yes, the ibeam's bass is great. big reason why i went for the imix, it had the ibeam in the system i wanted to get the imix too so that i could increase my headroom vs feedback and lastly, just wanted an upgrade.