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  • Venue DI suggestion


    Just wanted to make a suggestion on the Venue DI. First off, i must say that i am very happy with my unit.

    Suggestion : have a pre/post eq switch at the back of the VDI that affects only the xlr out. There are times when i want to eq my amp one way but the board another. A way around not having a pre/post switch is just to use my amp eq and then the house eq keeping the VDI flat. With the house, i can tell the tech what i need, often with my amp, i have to run back and forth. Though i don't mind the excersice he he he. Also, the amp / house eq aren't as good as the VDI so i miss out on using it. The di eq therefore for me is only used when i either have just an amp or the house to use.

    If you were to make this, would grab one right away. Is there a space constraint on this?

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    Hope you guys are planning to do this. The Venue DI 2


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      Does anyone know if the effects loop is sent to the xlr output? or is just to the 1/4 line out?

      thanks (sorry if addressed before, couldn't find it on search)


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        When you plug something into the effects loop on the Venue, it re-routes the regular signal path through the loop.
        So the effected signal goes to all of the Venue's outputs.

        -Caleb Elling
        LR Baggs Technical Support