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Session DI died within a week !

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  • Session DI died within a week !

    Just wondering if anyone else has had an issue with the Session DI.
    I should have known better than to get an early production run, but figured I'd chance it.
    The gain knob barely functions, the VU meter dead, and worst part is the output no longer seem to convert to a low Z signal. This all happened before my gig. LUCKILY, I had a Para DI in the car (glad my friend never bought it off me).
    Obviously gonna try to return to the store, but anyone else having any issues.
    Might hold off on any replacement at least until the bugs been worked out.

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    Hey BB1970,
    We (LR Baggs) actually haven't had any issues at all with the Session DI yet. We've been shipping it for about 2 months now, and the only three units that I've received back so far have been (confirmed) issues from user error. So if you are having a problem with the Session, you very well might be the first person.

    If you would like to troubleshoot your DI, I would be happy to help you. Otherwise, I would very much like to know which store you purchased if from, so that I can be sure to look out for a Session coming back from them- if you decide to exchange it.

    Since this could be our first actual problematic Session, I am more than happy to help you out however I can.

    Caleb Elling
    [email protected]
    805-929-3545 Ext. 121


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      I guess I have the dubious honor of being the first with a legitimate issue with the unit.
      Returned to Sam Ash. We tested it out on a Yamaha DXR12 with a same passive pickup model guitar as mine.
      The unit was definitely faulty as also confirmed with several employees.
      I take care of my gear so it was a surprise.
      Production issues happen. Like I said, worked fine for a short while then it went south.
      I chalk it up to version 1.0 production line.
      My Para still works fine.
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        Well, thanks for following up. I am very curious to get that unit back from Sam Ash to see what's going on.

        Thanks again for getting in touch!