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Triple Source ideas?

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  • Triple Source ideas?

    What's a reasonable way to get three sources to a stereo jack. I've got a customer wanting a passive magnetic(sunrise, M1, etc.?), a condensor mic, and an undersaddle pickup. He could mix two signals outboard with a TRS cable, but not three. Any ideas?

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    Hey Bryan,
    That's really not an easy task, but it should be doable.

    I think the only way you could do it would be to use a mixing system (Anthem, iMix, Dual Source, etc.) on a 4-conductor jack (TRSS). The mixing system would take up the tip, switch and sleeve contacts, leaving you with a ring and common-ground to solder the 3rd source to (probably the magnetic).

    The you would just take a stereo cable out of the guitar to be mixed externally. It could be complicated, but not impossible.


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      Thanks Caleb.

      I'll research that a little more. I know that it will be complicated, but I just need to find the right base system to work from. Then find a way to add on the magnetic without it interfering. Should be fun!

      As a side note, the new image verification is really, really difficult. I just missed it three times to post this reply. I'm sure it helps with spam though.



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        Well after watching this video....he's sold on running two outputs and doing this Anthem SL/M80 combo. Pretty awesome.

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