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Anthem mic too loud in Goodall Jumbo

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  • Anthem mic too loud in Goodall Jumbo


    I have a full Anthem system installed in a Goodall jumbo by a qualified guitar tech.
    The problem is the mic level is still too loud even when the gain is turned down to the minimum.

    I have my blend set to 30% mic (with mic gain at minimum) and the mic level is still too loud (I do have another full Anthem system installed in a Lakewood dreadnought and I can go up to 80% mic blend without any issues).

    Also, the guitar feedbacks very easily at lower frequencies even with 30% mic blend.
    Is there any solution or fix to this? Do I have a defective Anthem system?

    The mic is currently installed in front of the bridge pins nearer to the neck.
    Should I shift the mic to another position on the bridge plate?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi chrono,
    On the Anthem system, the low end is carried entirely by the undersaddle pickup. So any low end feedback that you encounter will be from the pickup and not the mic. Low end feedback shouldn't be dependent at all on the mix setting.

    If you are running into low end feedback on certain notes, there are things that you can do to reduce that. Can you tell me what you typically play your guitar through? (amp, preamp, PA, etc.)

    Also, when you say that the mic level is "too loud", what do you mean? Is there a level increase when you bring the mic in? or are you running into high frequency feedback when you blend in more mic?