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Loss of Volume from Element VTC

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  • Loss of Volume from Element VTC

    I've just bought a Gibson AJ stage edition which ( oddly I didn't realize ) has an Element VTC pick-up system.
    Anyway this was quite a bonus and (as a novice with electro-acoustics) produced a wonderful sound. I've had the instrument 3 days and I've noticed that for some reason unknown to me, the volume keeps dropping after 5 minutes or so. Unplug and plug in 10 minutes later and all is cool again - for five minutes, only to drop again.
    Is this a fault with the unit or a battery problem or what? I've plugged other guitars into the amp with no problem whatsoever. As I say I was just expecting the guitar and was pleasantly surprised to find the pick-up system. Any help much appreciated. Thanks. PS I'm from the UK. Well someone has to be!

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    Hi Dave,
    I just replied to your email inquiry. Feel free to respond via email or here on the forum.


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      Just for follow up for anyone else reading; it seems (so far) like the issue was a bad battery. Replacing the battery has resolved the problem.