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Better preamp choice for M1 passive-Para DI or Session DI

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  • Better preamp choice for M1 passive-Para DI or Session DI

    I'm looking to purchase a preamp for my Passive m1. Any thoughts or opinions on the Session versus the para di? The para looks to have more eq control but I'm very intrigued with having compression and saturation. Does the session have the same gain structure as the Para. It looks like the session has a dc power input also which is a plus. Is there a specific power supply that goes with the session? I have a voodoo lab power supply on my pedalboard. It'd be nice to be able to plug in there.

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    Hey JDC75,
    The Session and the Para DI are actually very different from each other in design and features. The Session DI has a Class-A circuit design, so even the inputs are pretty different.

    The Session's Comp-EQ is very effective at smoothing out problem frequencies in the signal. The Saturation is also really nice for fattening up a thin or harsh pickup. So overall it's very usable with any type of acoustic pickup.

    The Para DI does offer more precision in its EQ, but it may take some continual tweaking to dial in the tone that you want from any given pickup.

    I think that either DI would work well for you. It's more a matter of what features you want to have available. If you want to keep things simple, while still getting a great sound, the Session should be a great option. If you want more precise control via EQ, the Para DI is a time-proven solution that is just as good today as it has ever been.

    I hope that helps.