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Duet preamp instructions

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  • Duet preamp instructions

    I have acquired and older Seagull S6 CW flame maple with a Duet. There doesn't seem to be any way to turn it off. I assume it goes on when plugged in, but even unplugged it eats up both batteries in a day or two. Is there a manual or instruction sheet available for this model? Or is my problem a short in the wiring?

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    Hey Larry,
    If you have the original Duet, then it should turn on and off when you plug a cable into the guitar.

    If the system is draining batteries that quickly, you may need to replace the output jack to insure that there isn't a short. If the jack is ok, then something in the circuit could be causing a short. If that was the case, then the system would need to be returned here to the factory to be repaired.

    I would start with the jack though. That is a more common issue with products as old as the Duet.


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      Thanks! That was a great help!


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        I also have a seagull with the original duet system on-board. I really like it. I live on Long Island,in ny. If you ever want to get together to compare the duets (in a maple seagull,which is not a commonly found guitar),let me know. and if you ever think of selling it,keep me in mind. I'd love to have a backup. But still,it would be cool to compare.
        So,did you fix the jack? My duet does very well with its dual 9v alkaline batteries,often lasting 2months of professional use.


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          GtrGeorge! Caleb_Elling Larry H
          Hi, I recently acquired an old 70s Mountain Japanese Dreadnought that has an old/original Duet dual source system installed. The connections to the endpin jack were bad. I am trying to fix it.

          The jack looks like a typical TRS setup but the wiring harness has 5 wires: Bare (presumably ground), Red, Black, Blue, White. Can anyone tell me which wire goes to the tip, ring, and sleeve?
          Based on the remanents of what is there, it looks like the sleeve is the bare wire and the tip is the red wire but not clear what to do with the other 3 wires.

          Any help would be appreciated.



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            Hey funkybluesthang,
            The Duet wiring is as follows:

            Blue=Pickup out
            Clear=Mic out
            Black=Preamp switching
            Red=Mix out

            If you need anything else, let me know.