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  • Lyric end pin jack

    I hope to purchase the Lyric, the only pickup which seems to deliver true acoustic tone to my ears.

    The end block on my 12 string guitar is unusually thick: 1 1/16". I used an old D-TAR pickup end pin jack to test for fit and encountered some concerns.

    The wider diameter threaded section of the jack, the part which resides inside the end block, is only 1 2/16" long.

    When I position the end pin jack so that sufficient threads project outside the guitar to attach flat washer, nut and strap nut , I have barely enough threads projecting on the inside of the end block to attach the nut and flat washer. I cannot attach the required star washer because that leaves insufficient thread available outside the guitar. With the inside nut so close to the end of the threads, I worry that it might fall off in time, risking damage to the guitar.

    Additionally I have seen photos of the Lyric components which show a screw on sleeve to cover the solder connections in addition to the nut, washer and star washer that hold the end pin jack to the inside of the end block.

    Can you tell me what the threaded length of the Lyric's inside thread section is? If it is only 1 2/16" like the D-TAR above, can you suggest what I might do to achieve a fully secure install? I would hate to give up amplifying my guitar because no end pin jack is long enough to provide a secure install.


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    Hey Mike,
    Unfortunately, our jack is the same size as the one that you are talking about. So it would not fit through your tailblock wihtout modification.

    There's an older thread (linked below) that shows what I usually do, and another user added an additional idea as well.

    I hope it helps. Thicker tailblocks can be a pain to work with.


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      Thank Caleb. Dakota's method looks good I if need to. Would I be able to discard the jack cover so I could use only the supplied nut on the end threads perhaps with some locktite or epoxy. I think this would give me sufficient projection for outside access.


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        The barrel cover only needs about 1/16" to thread onto. Removing it could cause interference issues, and/or hum. So if you can avoid removing it, I would.


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          Thanks Caleb. If i used only the barrel cover and the supplied washer(no nut), that would give me the projection I need. Do you think the 1/16" inch thread overlap would be sufficient to hold?


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            If you're taking material off of the tailblock, I think it's probably worth taking enough off to do the installation correctly. You could get away with just using the barrel cover and a single nut, but it would likely loosen up over time, and would eventually need to be re-done to keep from damaging the jack. For best results, the washer and lock-washer should be used, if they can fit.

            It may work fine without the washers, but if it was my guitar and I was already reaming it out, I wouldn't risk not having all of the parts in place. That's just me though.


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              Sorry Caleb. I miscommunicated. I'm hoping not to ream it out if at all possible, so I was hoping to find a reasonably strong connection with the few threads I have available inside. And I would use epoxy or locktite if that helped to secure the connection. That connection has held up under light usgae for a few weeks using the nut but it feels like an exposure.


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                Got it,
                No problem.

                That might be possible, but it would be cutting it close. You might want to try it without the epoxy for a week or so, just to see if it will still fit. If it stays, then you can take it out and apply some extra "hold" for good measure.


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                  Thanks Caleb. That approach sounds prudent.