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look in for a good mic for m'y guitar

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  • look in for a good mic for m'y guitar

    Hello i'am new here. I have a Seagull Performer flame maple White à Quantum Q1 preamp on it. I pluging it in a Mackie 1402VLZ3 mixer via a Radial Pro di direct box, and 2 preamp Warfedale Titan Pro speakers. I realy don't like the sound of my guitar. And, I don't know why but I have to crink the guitar volume to 100% and the mixer input gain to about 3/4 to hit odb on the VU LED. Now i have bought a Seagull entourage rustic strictly accoustic. No pickup no preamp. I want to know which system is the best to reproduce the warm sound of an accoustic guitar. I like to play fingerpicking but sometime i play with à pick. I've see the Liryc system but i want to know if this thing is preamp or it's better to use an external preamp with it.
    Si please help me i realy don't know what to do to have a beautifull sound with an accoustic guitar.
    Thank you.

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    Before you modify your guitar, have you considered trying an outboard preamp like the Session DI or the Para DI? Going straight into a sound board probably won't give you the best sound, but the preamp might warm up the tone of your pickup.

    As far as changing systems go, the lyric is powered by a 9v battery inside your guitar. I upgraded a Taylor recently with the StagePro Anthem since it gave me something to do with hole in the side of the guitar. There are some photos here:


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      M'y seagull performer have a built in preamp power by a 9 volts batterie. So why should I use another external preamp????


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        Hey seagull,
        The Lyric is an active system, so it will not require an external preamp in order to plug into your mixer.

        If you are not happy with the sound from your Q1, I agree with Bryan, an external preamp might be a good way to add some tonal EQ to your signal. Something like the LR Baggs Para DI, Venue DI or Session DI would give you additional tone control over your Q1, and any system that you choose for your Rustic model guitar.

        If you are trying to choose a pickup for your Rustic, then I would definitely look into the Lyric and/or the Anthem SL. If you have questions about either of those systems, I would be happy to help you out.


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          Thank you very much! Before to buy a system for my new guitar, i'll try a preamp as you say. I don't know if the session DI worth the extra money over the Para DI, but it's a lot of money..... I think i'll go swith the Para DI. But please tell me me if the Session DI worth the extra money.
          Thank's again


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            It all depends on your needs. I think that either one would serve you well. However, if money is a consideration, the Para DI should still give you what you need, as far as EQ and level control.


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              So if money is not an issue I can understand that the Session is better?


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                Not necessarily better, but different. The Para DI has more specific control over EQ. The adjustable mid-range EQ band alone provides quite a bit of tonal flexibility.

                The Session is very effective, but not as precise as something with variable EQ. The multi-band-compression on the Session has 3 preset bands that it will effect. Since those bands are not adjustable, the Session may not address all of the problem frequencies that are needed for a given guitar. In my personal experience, the Session usually does a phenomenal job, but the signal may still need some minor EQ in some cases.

                I will add that the compression sounds much smoother than EQ though. It makes the guitar "feel" more responsive, which is a very unique advantage for any acoustic player.

                So again, it's not that the Session is better than the Para DI, or even the Venue DI. It's just a different approach to getting a great sound, with more simplified controls.


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                  Ok. Just place order for the para at my music store. Dont know they cary alot of LR Baggs stuff !!!! They have the Anthem in stock.... next purchase. .!!
                  Thank you!!