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Full anthem system is amazing!!

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  • Full anthem system is amazing!!

    Hey everyone!
    Im new to the forum and wanted to chime in on the new pickup that
    I had installed in my Taylor Gs8. I was skeptical about the sound of this pickup
    But i must admit that i am really pleased with it. I play through a
    Fishman loudbox artist amp and wow i love it! Its plenty loud, lots of punch and
    It really lets the tone of my Gs8 come through.

    The only thing is that i noticed that the installer installed the battery
    Velcro pad on to the inside back of the guitar and not the neck block..
    Kind of odd?? I think it may hinder my unplugged acoustic tone because
    The velcropad is stuck to the back of the guitar. Im gonna move it to where
    Its suppose to be installed i think.

    But i love the way this pickup sounds!!!!

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    Anthem in Taylor guitar

    Hi Pbass19,

    if your Taylor GS was equipped with the Expression System, you can combine the battery compartment with the "stick" containing the preamp/endpin of the Anthem.
    The luthiers at the shop were I'm working at helped me to do that with my two Taylor GCs.

    With a Taylor it is a good thing that the velcro is on the backside of your guitar.
    For maintainance issues regarding your neck (setup, swapping shims or replacement) you need to access the screws hidden underneath the paperseal on the neckblock.

    Here you can see one of the screws normaly hidden under the paperseal:


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      Battery pack placement on taylor

      My taylor came without the expression system.
      Thanks for the reply! I did not know that the neck adjustment
      Screw is under the taylor sticker on the neck block. I guess
      I will leave it as is. Im hearing a bit of tone change since the pickup
      Was installed..figured it might be the placement of the velcro pad
      But i will leave it as is.



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        Right place

        Hi Pbass19,

        all our luthiers put the velcro on the inside back of the guitar.
        The back of the guitar is the part of the body that is least responsible for shaping the tone.