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Pickup recommendation for acoustic/electric bass guitar

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  • Pickup recommendation for acoustic/electric bass guitar

    I have an old Epiphone acoustic/electric bass and the pickup has gone out on it. It apparently wasn't designed for slap-bass.

    I've read through the information on the various guitar pickups and didn't see any mention of bass, but I think Fender and some others sell basses with Baggs pickups. Has anyone done this and can offer any advice?

    Marty Nickel

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    Hey Marty,
    Any Element system should work great in an acoustic bass. I really like the Element VTC, but the Stage Pro Element is a good option if you need to replace side-mounted controls.

    All of the different Element variations have a great bass response and handle feedback pretty well at higher volumes. I have the Element VTC in my Godin acoustic bass, and it sounds amazing!