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Combine I-beam active with AKG C416L using Anthem mixer/preamp?

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  • Combine I-beam active with AKG C416L using Anthem mixer/preamp?


    I've had an I-beam active in my Charis Acoustic since I got it in 2004. I bought an AKG C416L years ago, but never used it. I've been curious about exploring some multi-pickup options, and I'm wondering whether I can combine the i-beam that's already there with the mic easily via the Anthem's mixer/amp? That's the main question.

    As an aside, another idea that I'm curious whether or not it's possible, might be to add another two pickups in a similar way, sending two signals (each one being the result of two mixed signals) out a stereo jack to an outboard mixer like the Stompbox 4. (I've been watching too many David Wilcox videos, ha!)

    I know all kinds of things have to be considered to make these components get along properly, and I need some help navigating.

    Thank you!
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    Hey Matthew,
    The Anthem preamp in particular is designed very specifically around the output level and impedance of the Element pickup and Tru-​Mic. Swapping either of those sources for something else throws off the tone and balance of the system, and I've never come across a good substitute that sounds halfway decent.

    Unfortunately, now that the Dual Source is discontinued, LR Baggs doesn't really have any onboard mixing preamps that work well with a wider range of sources. You'd likely be able to send the iBeam and mic signals out in stereo, but you'd need a stereo preamp that can provide power for the mic in order to properly process the signals. Grace Designs makes some great stereo preamps, but they're pricy. Headway also has a stereo preamp, but I don't remember if it supplies power for a mic.


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      Hi Caleb! Thanks so much for your reply! That's helpful. - Matthew