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    I'm new here.
    After many pleasing years with my old L.R.Baggs Duet, it stopped working last month.
    The batteries were low, so I changed them, but i don't recieve a signal at the jack anymore. However the battery signal light apears, when i plug in.
    Do you have any ideas what I have to do?

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    Hey Markus,
    Thanks for posting.

    Unfortunately, that system was discontinued because some of the parts were no longer being made by our supplier, and that was over two decades ago. We had a few spare parts lying around for a while, but we've used them all to repair different systems over the years. The last time one of our bigger artists sent in a Duet for repair, we didn't have the necessary parts to repair it.

    Sadly, at this point, upgrading to a newer system is likely going to be the best option. The Dual Source system is the closest thing that we still make to the Duet. It comes with an Element pickup, but it can be used with the LB6 by simply adjusting the Hi/Low switch on the preamp.

    I hope this helps.


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      I'm familiar with electronics, so you could try to clean the contacts of both battery & jack. It's possible that, even though the batt. light is on, there's not enough voltage or current to drive the circuitry. (Have you tried a different battery?) The plug for the guitar cable might have a poor connection/contact.