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Very low output from iBeam Active System (Classical)

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  • Very low output from iBeam Active System (Classical)

    Hi there,

    I purchased & installed the iBeam Active (Classical, nylon) on my Rees Harpsicle. I followed the installation instructions provided by Rees...

    But I’m getting very, very low signal from the pickup (really quiet), even when I play very hard... or even sing in to the pickup.

    What can I do to troubleshoot this?

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    Hey lilith,
    Thanks for posting.

    What are you plugging your iBeam into as far as an amp or mixer?

    Since the iBeam wasn't really designed for harps, I can't say how loud or how quiet the output level should be. Since the iBeam is a pickup and not a mic, singing into it won't amplify as well either. That's just the nature of the soundboard-style pickup.