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Stage Pro Anthem Mic Pickup Always Engaged

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  • Stage Pro Anthem Mic Pickup Always Engaged

    I have recently purchased a Stage Pro Anthem and had my very experienced luthier install it in my 20-year-old Tacoma DR38. I initially had to crank the mic gain adjustment screw all the way down in order to get the mic and element pickups sufficiently balanced. However, the first time I went to record, I noticed that, even with the mix slider all the way to the element pickup side, the mic pickup was still fully engaged. It was picking up my vocals (even if I was just barely humming) and any other sound in the room. Talked to my guitar tech (who has installed hundreds of Anthems over the years), and he says he has never encountered that problem. So I've come here hoping to find an answer.

    FYI: I have an Anthem (not a Stage Pro) installed in a different guitar. It does NOT have this same problem.


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    The blend doesn't isolate the pickup 100%. Even with the blend at the full pickup setting, you'll still get about 10% of the mic, buried behind the pickup signal. If you have the Mic Level trim pot turned up, then it will be even more obvious.

    When you set the Mic Level pot, are you setting the blend to the mic side?