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Anthem Tru mic leaks external audio

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  • Anthem Tru mic leaks external audio


    I'm having issues with my Anthem in my Martin HD16 which I haven't experienced before. I don't know if this is because we have switched to in-ear monitoring and that I haven't heard it before in wedges or thru a PA.

    I'm experiencing a lot of leaked audio from the surroundings in our rehearsal studio as soon as I engage the Tru mic as you can hear in the short recording if you follow this dropbox link.
    In that clip I have the blend set to around 50/50 between UST and Tru Mic. As you can hear there is a lot of bleed from the drums and when its quite I can hear my bandmates talk thru the Tru mic in my ears.

    EDIT: In that clip I use an IR impulse just in case you don't recognize the tone of the pickup
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    Hey Mikael,
    What you're experiencing is definitely just the inherent nature of having a mic in your guitar. The Tru-Mic isolates a lot better than most other internal mics, but it is still a mic, and any sound that moves the guitar top is going to be picked up by the mic. It shouldn't be enough to be noticeable in any kind of live mix, but it would definitely be easier to hear with IEMs. Drums in particular are going to energize the guitar top and be picked up by the mic. If it's making your guitar signal unusable, or if it's just distracting, you can try angling your guitar away from the drums, or making a combination of changes with the Mic Level (trim control) and the mic blend.


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      Hey Caleb,

      Thanks for the speedy reply.
      Yeah I kind of guessed that it was an inevitable artefact when using the mic but I just wanted to make sure I didn't do anything wrong. I just have to blend in the right amount of mic and put more effort into choosing the best possible IR and EQ.

      Have a great week!