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StagePro Anthem fuzzy on piezo

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  • StagePro Anthem fuzzy on piezo

    I've just got a StagePro Anthem in my Martin acoustic steel string. It was installed by my (excellent) luthier. I am experience breakup from the Anthem; it sounds a bit like a fuzz tone added to the signal. It is on the piezo pickups; when I push the slider to all microphone, it becomes quite faint. It increases and decreases as expected with the volume, treble, and mic/pz settings. The internal mic volume adjustment doesn't seem to make much difference; I tried it a full clockwise and full counterclockwise and set it in the middle.

    I'll be taking it back to the luthier, but does anyone have any insight into what might be wrong?

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    I would check to make sure you aren't getting any rattles when you play the guitar unplugged. If a wire is loose or if the mic is rubbing up against a brace, that could cause a rattle that would come across in the amplified signal as distortion or fuzz.