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2 Anthem Systems 2 Volume levels

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  • 2 Anthem Systems 2 Volume levels

    I have 2 Breedlove guitars that are identical in size. One is Myrtlewood back and sides and the other is Indian Rosewood. They both are equipped with the Anthem System but the volume on one is much louder. I'm having issues with the louder one. It overdrives my amp creating distortion if I do even subtle percussive hits on the strings or body. That is also an intermittent issue. Is there a way to adjust the output, without just turning it down?

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    Hey Marius,
    Thanks for posting.

    The Anthem responds pretty differently to different tonewoods, bracing patterns, and different saddle materials. If those very from one guitar to the next, I would expect to get a different output and tone from each pickup.

    If you turn the louder pickup down, does the distortion go away? If not, it could be a different issue. If the distortion does go away when you drop the output level, does turning the input gain down on your amp or mixer help?