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Just installed an Anthem SL, having issues

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  • Just installed an Anthem SL, having issues

    Hello, I just got an Anthem SL and installed it in a Taylor 314CE. I'm just not very happy with how it sounds. It seems to have a sharp resonance centered around 2,365Hz. If I try to eq it out using a high-Q cut, the resonance is not that audible but the result just doesn't sound very natural to me. The ES2 that was there before sounded thin but at least sounded like an acoustic guitar. The Anthem has very harsh upper mids and sounds unnatural, almost distorted. I tried turning down the tru-mic level but I need at least some highs.

    Can anyone help? I can provide sound clips and pictures of the mic position.


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    Hey Marius,
    If the mids are too harsh or honky, it might be a good idea to move the mic to an alternate position. In cases where the Anthem mic's mids sound off on any of my installations, I will try putting the mic behind the bridge pins. In many cases (not all cases) the new placement softens the mids so I can bring up the Mic Level without getting too harsh.


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      Thank you Caleb, that would have been my next move actually. I'll have to see how much bridge real-estate there is behind the pins. Have you ever attached the mic directly to the top of the guitar (ie not to the bridge plate)?

      Thanks again!


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        Yeah, I've put the mic directly to the top. It's typically been in smaller-bodied guitars though. It's always an option if you don't have space on the plate.