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Anthem Piezo into a 3/16" saddle slot

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  • Anthem Piezo into a 3/16" saddle slot

    I have purchased an Anthem. The Piezo seems to be 1/8" and I'm concerned my saddle won't sit properly on this pickup? Are there wider versions of this Piezo and/or is this Piezo interchangeable with another LR Baggs Piezo or any other Piezo with the same impedence if there are any?
    I would prefer not to modify the guitar other than possibly modifying the sadlle.
    The guitar is an Ibamez lonestar.

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    Hey Alain,
    The Element should fit into a 3/16" slot without any issues. Once it's put under string tension, the mesh shielding flattens out a bit, covering the whole slot. You shouldn't have any issues at all.

    I've installed the Element in slots from 3/32" to 1/4" without any issues.