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Hum on Anthem

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  • Hum on Anthem

    Hello, I've installed 3 Anthem SL systems and find them very effective. On one of them I have a hum. Does anyone have an answer for this ?

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    Hey Pat,
    Thanks for posting.

    What kind of hum are you talking about? Does it go away if you touch the metal on the jack? Does it turn up and down with the volume control on the SL?

    Let me know and I will do what I can to help.


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      Hi Caleb, thanks for the prompt reply. I'm in France so we're not on the same time zone.
      The volume of the hum does go and down with the volume control. The same jack cable with the same settlings gives me a hum one guitar and total silence on the other.


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        If you touch the metal jack with your finger, does the noise go away?

        Also, is it a low-frequency hum? Or more high frequency?


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          Caleb, Yes, when I touch the metal part of the jack or the input the hum goes away. The hum is low frequency.
          Could it be that wires are twisted inside the guitar ?


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            Ok, then that would indicate a shielding issue. Are you using all stock parts? output jack, pickup, etc.

            If so, there could be a bad ground connection somewhere in the system. Everything is pretty well shielded, so this kind of thing is not common with the Anthem.


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              Yes, it's only a few months old and I installed it as it came. I'll take it out and check what's happening, thanks Caleb.


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                If you figure anything out, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will see what I can do to help.