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Some strings are quiet

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  • Some strings are quiet

    I have a Taylor and added Anthem SL. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th strings ring really well. The others’ gain is very low. I have good contact on the under saddle and the mic is where supposed to be. I’ve EQed it way I can think and still some strings are 1/2 the output. Regardless If I use DI box or amp.

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    Hey Rgammie,
    Thanks for posting.

    String balance issues like that do typically come down to the contact between the saddle, the pickup, and the saddle. But even if the saddle is making good contact with the pickup, if the bottom of the saddle isn't perfectly flat, it can cause issues. Likewise, if the fit of the saddle in the slot is too right, the saddle may not seat fully into the slot.

    Did you install the system yourself? If so, have you checked the saddle fit and flatness?


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      Yes, I did it myself. The bridge is perfectly flat against a straight edge. The fit feels like it did before installing. Wouldn’t the first string be less effected by the saddle?


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        Fixed*** So I pulled the bridge to check it and found that it indeed was slightly irregular underneath, like barely a few bits of light between the bridge and a straight edge. Used a steel file and removed a minuscule amount of bone and it’s great!


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          I'm glad to hear it! Thanks for letting me know.