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Anthem SL and mechanical rattle / buzz

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  • Anthem SL and mechanical rattle / buzz

    Hello, I have a problem with a custom made guitar, with installed Anthem SL. On the low E, there's a rattle / buzz coming from inside the box. I hear it when I'm playing acoustically, not releated to the function of the pickup. It resonates with the low E note, and a few nearby notes (F, F#, G). I don't hear the buzz when playing in other ranges. Other observations: The ratthe seems to change depending on the position of the guitar, if I rotate it soundhole up, or soundhole down, sometimes it changes – goes away, gets shorter, gets longer, changes the sound a bit. When I press my finger firmly near the bridge, the rattle goes away.

    The rattle noise is not super loud, but it's really noticeable. I tried to ignore it, but I just can't. I can demonstrate it plucking one string, but I also hear it when playing multiple strings – the rattle doesn't get buried in the mix, it stands out.

    The pickup was installed overseas. I'll have to resolve the issue here in Ireland. I went to a nearby luthier in Dublin, who said that the problem is with the microphone part. He secured the microphone better in place, but said that he can't guarantee that the rattle doesn't come back. The luthier suggested reaching out to LR Baggs support if the rattle comes back. It was gone initially, but after a few hours of playing it came back, so… here I am.

    I can provide a video (+audio) demonstrating the problem.

    What would be my best options?

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    Hey automaciej,
    If you want to email me directly at [email protected], I will see what I can do. Rattle issues can definitely be tricky to track down. I will do what I can to help though.


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      I had that problem and found that if I taped down the wiring more securely to the top the rattle / buzz went away. Get the really strong foam tape at the hardware store. The only complaint I have with my Anthem is that they don't supply you with quite enough tape for the job.