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pick up works, battery drains with no/minimal use

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  • pick up works, battery drains with no/minimal use

    I did send this to lrbaggs help desk, but thought I'd post it here too. I bought a used Larivee acoustic/electic guitar in very good condition. These come new installed with the stage pro anthem pickup. The guy who sold me the guitar said it didn't work. I initially had a repair guy look at it and with the new batteries I put in it worked fine. I then took it home and found out the problem is that the unit drains the battery so fast. I rarely play it amplified but just use the tuning function and even with that the low battery light starts blinking in a few days. I probably only have the tuner on for 10 minutes during that time. It's almost like the battery is being drained even with it being off. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    I believe I just responded to your email. If you didn't get it, here's what I said.

    It sounds to me like the output jack in the tail of the guitar may have a short in it that is causing the battery to stay on at all times. If that's the case, you should just need to replace that jack. The prewired jack in that system is called the M1C2. If you Google "LR Baggs M1C2", you should be able to get a replacement pretty easily.

    If you have any trouble finding the right part, please let me know.