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Anthem Battery Test Question

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  • Anthem Battery Test Question

    This weekend I had a problem with my Anthem pickup not producing sound, it turned to be unrelated to the pickup.

    However while testing the battery I noticed that if I tested with the cable unplugged I would get 3 lights, but if I tested with the cable plugged in I would only get 1 light. Based on the instructions in the manual it should not make a difference whether the cable is plugged in or not.

    I tested the battery and it was in the warning zone (supposedly 60% left) but on the borderline of replacement. I went ahead and replaced the battery anyway. I now get 5 lights whether the cable is plugged in or not.

    I am curious as to the difference in test results with and without cables, does this sound normal?

    Thanks in advance, I recently started using the guitar live and would like to learn so that I can avoid running out in mid set.
    Mike C.

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    Hey acmessed,
    Thanks for posting.

    Batteries can be a little tricky like that. When the circuit is turned on, the battery will show a certain level of power. When you turn it off, the battery voltage actually comes back up a bit over time.

    I have a wireless mic that does the same thing. I have to turn it on for a minute before I can really get an accurate reading of the battery level.

    It has to do with the way batteries work, more so than the battery-check. If you check it with a volt meter, you'd get the same response.