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  • No Installation Manual

    I recently purchased an Anthem Stage Pro from Pitbull Audio in National City, CA. I made the purchase through so it was sent to my home in Illinois. The box was still factory sealed and Pitbull is from what I understand a fairly reliable company, so I'm assuming someone at Baggs forgot to pack the instruction manual with my box. The user's guide and everything else was there though.

    I was able to download the instructions from your site here and have the unit installed and all is good. I just thought you'd like to know in case you need to check some of your stage pro units. Maybe there are others that weren't packed with the instruction manual.

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    Hey Billy,
    Thanks for posting.

    We actually don't include our installation manuals in the box anymore. Most players take the pickup to an experienced shop for the installation, and most shops already know what they're doing. For everyone else, we have the manual available online.

    I'm not sure if that was done to save paper, or what, but we've been doing it like that for about 4-5 years now.


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      Oh, okay. I've installed them before, but this is the first time with the Stage Pro version, so I knew most of what to do already. The only thing I was unclear on was which inputs to use for the mic and piezo respectively. They're just labeled input 1 and input 2. I did indeed download the installation guide here to find the answer to that. It would have been easier if they had labeled them mic and pickup, but I guess you can't have everything. Not a big deal.


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        Yeah, I am not sure why the inputs weren't labeled better on the housing. I get questions about that fairly often...

        I'm glad that you got it all going though.