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Anthem mounting hardware for Lowden guitars

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  • Anthem mounting hardware for Lowden guitars

    PLEASE NOTE: this is from a Lowden luthier in response to noise issues I was having with my Anthem installation:

    > I am interested to know whether you used one of the Anthems from the
    > Lowden online store, which come with special mouldings to allow them to be
    > fitted between the bracings of our guitars?

    I struggled a lot with persistent noise in my installation because the split-saddle Anthem I bought didn't include these moldings and neither my luthier nor I was aware they were available. We had a rough time trouble-shooting the noise source and getting the wires isolated from the tru-mic. If you're considering installing an Anthem on your Lowden, I would suggest either purchasing from the Lowden site or otherwise making sure the kit you order includes this mounting hardware. Could save a lot of headaches!