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Major String Imbalance with Anthem

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  • Major String Imbalance with Anthem

    I recently had a professional luthier install an Anthem PU in my D35. The B string is much, much louder that the others. The E is somewhat louder but not to the same degree. I removed the saddle. The bottom angle was reversed so I fixed that. The bottom of the saddle groove is perfectly flat as is the bottom of the saddle. The groove is a little tight. I’m out of ideas.

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    Okay, solved my own riddle. Although saddle do not seem all that tight in the groove, I removed it and removed what amounts to a thin layer of dust from both sides of the saddle. It’s now snug but easily remove with fingers. Best of all the balance is great.


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      Hey Taylor,
      Thanks for posting.

      Glad to hear that you figured it out. A tight saddle can definitely cause balance issues, just as easily as an uneven saddle or slot. Nice job troubleshooting!