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Anthem SR problems

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  • Anthem SR problems

    Hi - ive just had the Anthem SL installed in my Gibson G45 (it originally had a fishman), and am not happy with the sound at all. I havent adjusted the mix between the 2 pickups but find it really bright and thin, even using EQ on the mixer and an EQ pedal combined. When I A/B it against a cheaper guitar with a Fishman piezo/preamp, I find the latter louder and with more body to it (even without using a bodyres pedal).

    Any ideas/advice?
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    Hey returnofrv,
    Thanks for posting. The trim pot on the Anthem SL isn't a mix between the mic and pickup. It's a Mic Level control.

    Having that control set too high will definitely make the system sound thin and harsh, so getting it set to an appropriate level is key in getting the best sound from the system. I'd recommend checking out this video about setting that control:

    If you're still struggling to get a good sound, let me know.


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      Hi - i had the settings as they came, but yes, im tinkering with moving the mix anti-clockwise to take off some top end.

      Is it possible to get replacements for the tool device to adjust?


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        Originally posted by returnofirv View Post
        Is it possible to get replacements for the tool device to adjust?
        Yeah, if you want to email me your mailing address at [email protected], I can help you out with that.


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          thanks - emailing now :-)