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    Hi. I am sure this has been covered before, but here goes...I have a larrivee with anthem installed. I am looking to dial in the best sound when plugged in. I have read that some people turn the balance all the way to mic. I tried that once and was told it sounded bad and also the output was very low. I am having trouble finding the sound I am looking for. I really need some assistance. Should I turn the tool adjustment all the way up and the balance all the way towards ust? Should I adjust the balance fully to mic and the tool adjustment somewhere else? Please give me any help you can. I want this guitar to sound at its best while plugged in. Thank you!

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    Here's a video I made about setting the Mic Level:

    If you set it correctly and it isn't sounding right, the mic placement might not be quite right.

    If you still have questions, just let me know. I hope it helps.