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Anthem feedback issues

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  • Anthem feedback issues

    Hello, I have a Godin Fairmont that came with the Anthem installed. Initially the G string was very quiet and the pick on the whole was very boomy. I took it to my luthier who was able to even the tone out by adjusting contacts under the saddle. It is still pretty bassy but I run through a Venue Di and am able to cut it back enough tone wise. My issue is that I play country music with a full band in mid level venues and am constantly having bass feedback issues. I can mess with the notch or phase, but end up having to go all UST, cut bass and low mids almost completely AND keep it almost completely out of the monitor. I can manage when i'm able to move the monitor, but that's not always an option. I'm almost to the point of just uninstalling it and trying to M1a or something, Id sacrifice tone for less headache.
    Thoughts on next step or if the M1a sound ok with the venue?

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    It sounds like the saddle was unbalanced to begin with, and your Luthier was able to improve the string balance, but not completely fix it. If you are having to remove that much low end, I think that looking at the saddle fit and flatness is still the best thing to do next. If you can fix the existing saddle or try an alternate saddle material, you should be able to balance the tone of the pickup, which should help a lot with feedback too.

    The M1A is definitely a fallback option, but it's going to sound very different from what you're getting with the Anthem.


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      Ok, thanks, Ill get a different saddle and see what happens! I appreciate it.