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  • Excessive low e

    I am getting way more of my low e it can be eq’ed out but it isn’t giving an accurate representation of the guitars acoustic tone. It’s a brand new bourgeois dreadnaught and the saddle is totally flat land fit as recommended. The saddle is bone I believe

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    Hey Doc,
    Thanks for posting.

    Most string balance issues come down to contact inconsistencies between the saddle, pickup, and saddle slot. In most cases, the saddle not being completely flat is the issue, but something like a burr from the hole being drilled for the pickup can also cause problems. Bone can also be tricky to work with since it's an organic material and the density can vary from one saddle to the next, or even from one side of the saddle to the other.

    If everything looks ok, it's probably going to be best if you take the guitar to a local shop to have them check it out. It should be a simple fix.


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      this is extremely frustrating why make such a finicky pick up?


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        As far as I know, all undersaddle pickups are subject to these types of balance issues. Undersaddle pickups are very versatile, but getting the string balance right is the most common issue for that type of pickup. Getting everything dead-flat and fitted properly is essential.

        Since it's such a common thing to run into, most local guitar shops should be able to fix that issue pretty easily. It can be tricky to deal with if you've never done it before.